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Income Limited Housing – A Real Estate Sweet Spot For Home Buyers

by gbaf mag

Real estate investors and homeowners are always on the lookout for income-restricted housing. These homes are available through a variety of sources. Some are government subsidized, while others are investor supported. No matter what the source of funding, there is typically an abundance of income-restricted housing for purchase. When looking for this type of home, there are several things you should keep in mind.

First, income-restricted housing can be affordable. Even if the monthly payment is higher than most housing, the potential to save greatly is great. The main drawback to this type of purchase is that it takes away from the principal amount you could pay on your mortgage. So, it is important to consider this carefully before investing in any income-restricted housing.

Second, this type of home has distinct advantages. It will cost less to purchase and may have less maintenance. Also, you will enjoy tax deductions when you use this home as your residence. You can also benefit from home improvement incentives as well.

Third, income-restricted housing offers a number of flexible options. If you want a vacation home, you don’t have to stick to hotel room rates. If you need a second income, you can rent out this home as a rental income source. Or, you can hold onto this home and let it sit and improve its value. You will end up with a rental income stream that you can tap into at anytime you wish.

Fourth, this home can be a good long term investment. In fact, if you are looking to purchase a rental property, this home is a very attractive option. When you put a mortgage on the house, you can build equity and use that money to buy other homes or properties.

Fifth, income-restricted housing gives you the opportunity to save for your children’s education. Most people with less than stellar credit can’t get loans that offer very high interest. However, they can easily obtain home loans that offer good interest rates. That means that you can help your children with education even if you aren’t able to make payments on that mortgage. This can be beneficial in the future. Your kids can get a head start on their education without risking losing the equity that you have built up on your income restricted property.

Sixth, income-restricted housing allows you to purchase homes that have appreciated in value even faster. With the economy declining, prices of real estate are dropping. But, homes that are income restricted are still increasing in value. That means that when you take out a mortgage on one of these homes, you’ll be making an excellent investment. As the value of real estate decreases, your mortgage can be repaid and you will have a great asset that continues to appreciate.

You don’t have to be concerned about the housing market when looking at buying income restricted homes. It is possible to find homes that are income restricted that are in great condition. You can also buy them for the cost of a standard home. You just need to know where to look. Good lending institutions are available to help you achieve your dreams of owning a home in the community that you want.

As stated earlier, when you get involved with income-restricted housing, there are tax advantages too. There are deductions that you can take in your income taxes based on what you spend on your home. These include any improvements that you make to the property. You also get to deduct interest paid on your mortgage. You can even deduct expenses towards furnishing the property.

There are other tax benefits of investing in income-restricted units. The IRS breaks down the different types of income into two categories – ordinary income and investment income. In the investment category you get to enjoy a lower rate of taxation than that of the other two categories. This is because your income restricted home can be used as collateral on any loan that you might get.

You can use income-restricted housing to purchase homes, to make money investments and to provide a second income for yourself or your family. You’ll get all these benefits and more, when you invest in an income-restricted housing unit. Just do a little research or ask a trusted realtor.


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