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Government Regulated Allocates Student Housing Rates

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Students may choose to pay in full by installment scheme (5 monthly installments and the remaining amount due at the end is considered surplus). Independent Living Program Rates also known as extended stay rates are similar to Bachelor degree students. Senior independent living program rates are quite high as compared to Bachelor degree students. They offer facilities like healthy eating centers, day care centers and laundry facilities.

Independent Living Program Rates are based on the assumption that a person will occupy a room as their permanent residence after graduating from college. Single individuals are charged lower rates than married couples. Married couples may have to pay higher residential rents as they are charged with a joint rent amount for their entire residence. Similarly, lease agreement rates are different for male and female students. In gender-specific student housing, the rental rate is charged on the basis of individual gender.

Students who are not yet settled in a host family’s house, can opt for Government-to-Government service, which is a good option for those who wish to reside in their own house by the end of their academic year. Service rates vary from one locality to another depending on factors such as the size of the locality, its financial status and the academic ranking of the family. Housing Contracts is the best option available for students who wish to live in their own house by the end of the academic year. Housing contracts guarantee a fixed monthly rate for a specified duration, which can be altered according to the tenant’s choice.

Charges included in the Rent: The cost of renting an apartment or flat varies depending on the number of rooms, location, amenities available and structure of the building. Students will be charged on the basis of the tenure they choose for the rental period. The rental charges include the payment of all daily utilities and maintenance charges including heaters, water heaters, electricity and air conditioning among others. The charges include a security deposit which is forfeited in case there is no arrangement for the payment of utilities in advance. Rent amounts do not include the unpaid utility bills or other payments already made. The details GEorgian residence and rental rates can be found in the website.

Single Room Type Academic Year Rate: The single room rate is applicable for students residing in the dormitories and hostels. Single rate dorms and hostels are those in which there are at least three to four rooms. For students residing in campus residences, the double room rate is applicable. The details of the housing rates can be found in the website.

Meal Plan: The cost of a dining plan depends on the amount of food that is included in the package. The students living in residence halls are charged according to the semester basis of a meal plan. Students are charged for a minimum of five meals per week, which include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Students not residing in residence halls are required to choose a single house which they can live in during the academic year. They pay the rent for an undetermined period. The structure of the housing does not include any provision for paying the rent for furnished apartments. Single rooms designed with a kitchen are known as studio apartments. The term studio refers to the fact that the individual apartments have no separate bedrooms.

Long-Term and Short-Term Assignments: Government regulates all aspects of student housing, both private and public. Based on these regulations, the housing rates are decided. Long-term housing rates are determined on the basis of the number of years it takes for the student to complete his/her full educational program. For students who are not attending a college, the housing and apartment rates are determined by the government.

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