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What Is Real Estate Wholesaling and How to Make Money

by gbaf mag

What is real estate wholesale or retailing? If you are involved in the retailing or wholesale of homes and other residential properties, you probably know what wholesale is. If not, this short article will explain it in simple terms.

In real estate wholesaling, the wholesaler contract a house with a potential seller, and gets an interested buyer to purchase it from him at a lower price than with its seller. The wholesaler then keeps the difference, as profit, and contracts another deal with another buyer. This continues until the seller has sold all his properties to be able to pay for the mortgage loan. The best way to make money with this type of real estate wholesaling business is to have lots of properties that you can sell to interested buyers. You can either find these properties yourself or work with real estate brokers who can help you find qualified buyers for your properties.

Some wholesalers are known to work only with cash buyers. Real estate brokers can help you find potential cash buyers for your properties, but not all brokers will know of all the possible cash buyers who are looking for houses for sale. This is why you need to work with a reliable wholesaler who can get you properties that are in high demand among qualified buyers.

Before getting involved in the real estate wholesaling business, you should determine whether you want to do this as a part-time or full-time venture. Selling property as a wholesaler is ideal for those who have spare time to sell houses on a regular basis. For those who are seeking to become full-time real estate flippers, they need to spend more time and effort finding good deals for their properties.

The best way to begin your real estate investing business is to purchase a real estate franchise. If you do not have any existing interests in the real estate industry, this option will work well for you. Once you have purchased a franchise, you can assign it to other interested entrepreneurs, called wholesalers. As a reseller, you will have the freedom to manage your own inventory, determine your own profit margins, and set your own terms and conditions regarding the purchase contract with the end buyer.

What is real estate wholesaling differs from other wholesalers in that the wholesaler is not required to close a deal before selling it. The reseller is responsible for doing all of the negotiating and closing, including signing the purchase contract. However, this means that you will not have any control whatsoever over the property or its price. Once the contract has been signed, the reseller is required to turn around and sell the property within a set amount of time, regardless of what the market conditions have dictated. This is known as a double closing.

Real estate wholesalers typically purchase properties that are for sale by serious or motivated sellers. In many cases, these motivated sellers have a real need for the property they are selling, but are unable to sell it on their own. This causes them to enter into a real estate brokerage arrangement with the wholesaler. This arrangement relieves the seller of having to come up with all of the cash to buy the property and also makes the sale much more expedient for both the buyer and the seller. In short, wholesalers get the properties on behalf of sellers who have cash to sell.

There are several options available to those interested in what is real estate wholesaling. You can invest in properties yourself, making money by leasing the property to tenants, turning the tenants’ lease payments into money on your own. Or you can hire an experienced real estate broker, who will put together a portfolio of properties for you to purchase and also find investors to whom you can sell properties. Whichever route you take, you will make money from investing in real estate.


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