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Tips For Staging A House For Rent

by gbaf mag

Before you post your “For Rent” ad on the local paper, you might want to consider some tips to help you ensure a quick sale. Your first tip is to check for any foreclosures on the property you are planning to rent. Foreclosures are a great way for you to get immediate cash. But be sure to get an estimate before you try to sell the house. This will ensure you don’t overpay when you post your house for rent. Many times there will be a time between the time you list a house for rent with the actual foreclosure date that you need to have everything in place before you can rent it out.

Part of being a landlord involves giving your tenants a safe place to live in, and you can take steps to improve that before you post your “For Sale” sign. You will need some research to perform, as well, to establish an attractive and fair rent amount. Replace or repair malfunctioning or unsafe items in your house. Consider hiring a home inspector to find problems so your potential tenants can be aware of them. If you don’t feel comfortable doing these tasks, consider getting someone else to handle them.

One of the best tips for renting a house is to find a good neighborhood. Some neighborhoods offer great transportation options, such as buses, railings, and walking trails. These neighborhoods will be convenient for visitors who may be taking transit from their workplace. The closer your property is to the nearest amenities, the better. Also look at single-family neighborhoods, as these can be more family oriented and provide some educational opportunities for children of different ages.

When looking for a neighborhood to rent, don’t forget to contact the property managers. Property managers typically have an interest in seeing that renters are being fair to the property, in terms of rent and other issues. By law, property managers can investigate complaints and make recommendations to both you and the tenant, if necessary.

Another way to enhance the chance that you will get tenants interested in renting is by staging your rental property. Staging is the process of making minor changes to a rental unit to attract higher turnover rates. In this case, consider changing the carpet to a more colorful one, or repainting the unit to attract a different tenant. The goal of staging is to increase the profit you can receive on your investment property. In addition to attracting more tenants, staging can also help sell your property quickly after it has been set for rent. Your investment property’s appearance will be one of the main selling factors when it comes time to sell.

Once you have found tenants interested in renting your property, you must make sure they will be responsible tenants. You should also have any necessary repairs made before tenants move in. Make sure you keep all receipts for any repairs made. If you have the receipts and know the condition of any damages prior to the tenants moving in, you will be able to hold their deposits.

One of the best tips for attracting high quality tenants is to offer easy access to good schools in the area. Many prospective tenants prefer to live near a school. For landlords, offering easy access to good schools will increase the rent you will receive on your investment. You may also want to offer incentives to your future tenants based on their enrollment in various schools, such as reduced rent or more free rent due to their having a high grade point average.

In most cases, landlords do not enjoy move-in day. As a landlord, if you have not picked a date yet, this can put you at a disadvantage. One way to ensure that you will have tenants move-in on time is to be aware of the day rental postcards are sent out. By making a point to let all potential tenants know the day rental postcards are being sent out, you will increase the chances of them going online and choosing to move into your rental property. In most cases, landlords also find that if they set up an appointment to speak with potential tenants in person, these meetings lead to longer rent contracts.


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