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The Role of the Street Networks in Promoting Housing Opportunities

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Are you seeking an effective way to place your faith in action? Housing Forward partners with community groups throughout the tri-county area and throughout the world to provide low and no-cost housing and other services to those in need. Housing Forward operates in the name of the “Housing Renaissance Fund” and has received generous donations from national and state foundations. In return, they take on those in need and provide housing-especially for people with children-at no cost. They also partner with organizations that match those in need with like-minded individuals who share a vision of improving lives through housing.

If you are in search of a good way to lend your faith in humanity to an organization that is committed to ending the cycle of homelessness, Housing Forward can give you what you need: a safe, healthy and affordable housing facility where you can live with no fear of falling behind on your mortgage or being evicted from your house. Housing Forward staff members assist you every step of the way in finding a home through referral, online application, and walk-in service. Throughout their operations, they monitor all contacts made with families and do not turn anyone away due to lack of space or financial need. In addition, housing forward is a part of the Oak Park Association of HUD-insured housing.

How does housing forward to help those in need? Through a system of direct and non-direct assistance, housing forward provides low and no-cost resources including, emergency food assistance, shelter, personal care, transportation, and basic needs such as clothing, hygiene products, blankets, books, and classes for development and self-sufficiency. Each month, they administer the basic needs assessment and recommend the right programs to meet the needs of families in need.

In Oak Park, there are a number of different solutions available for families in need. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the number provided by a Chicago-based housing agency for families experiencing a loss of income because of a housing crisis is at an all-time high. By accessing the HUD website, you can find out more about how housing forward programs can provide temporary, stable, and supportive housing.

In Oak Park, housing is a key concern, so it’s important that you contact a housing counselor as soon as possible. The HUD website explains that there are various types of supportive housing. The term “supportive” can mean a wide range of services including short-term supportive apartments, respite centers, case management, medical services, and other similar programs. There are also outreach programs for families experiencing a housing crisis such as hotline numbers for free intake, information and support on employment, and case management.

If you’re experiencing homelessness, you may qualify for one of the many government and private grant programs administered by The US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Public and Indian Housing. In Oak Park, contact the HUD’s housing navigator for more detailed information. Once you’ve found the grant program that you qualify for, you’ll need to visit the office and apply for a grant. Once you receive your funds, you’ll be responsible for providing proof of income and identity to the housing navigator. This is where contacting a housing attorney would be helpful.

If you’re not from the Oak Park area but know someone who needs a place to live, consider becoming a street outreach specialist. By participating in this type of service, you will be able to assist individuals in Oak Park and throughout the entire Chicago area experiencing some form of housing crisis. Street outreach workers go to locations that are known to be problematic for both the public and private housing tenants. They collect names and contacts of people who may be struggling with housing issues and then help them find suitable apartments. By providing housing counseling, the outreach specialist provides hope by showing the individual how to find a new apartment, how to avoid potential problems with landlords, how to pay rent and more.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers a variety of housing assistance programs to assist clients in Illinois who are experiencing homelessness. For more information about these and other housing assistance programs administered by HUD, contact your local housing navigator. They can provide you with information on how to qualify for these government and private grant programs in Chicago and Oak Park.


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