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Tips for Finding Affordable Housing in Chicago During the Winter Months

by gbaf mag

Finding the right apartment can prove to be a challenging task for many. With so much competition and so many different apartments to choose from, how do you know you have found the best apartment for you? There are several things you can consider in order to narrow your search. The location is of course one of them. The location is not only where the apartment is located but also in what area of the city or suburb you would like to reside. Also, the timing of your decision to rent can make a big difference in getting the apartment of your choice at the best rates.

Apartment hunting is often done based on what the best rentals are at the time. Many people look for great deals during off-season times when apartment rentals are more inexpensive. Even with the recession, there are still many new apartment complexes that are being built. The demand for rental apartments during this time is high, so the prices can be very competitive. Most renters tend to rent their apartments when the place is still new so the rental prices tend to be higher.

First Floor Apartment Means More Money For You: Whether you are an individual or a couple, you will get more money for an apartment with a first floor location. That’s because there is more potential profit per square foot for an apartment with a first floor location. On the other hand, the cost is also cheaper for a first floor location since there is less of an investment needed to buy property. In addition, there is less of a chance for a vacancy in the first floor apartment since there is usually less of a building activity. This results in less wear and tear on the apartment and lower rental prices.

Lease Options And Best Rental Deals: A new college student might not be able to afford the rent he or she would in a brand new apartment on the campus. When in doubt, it is best to check out a local lease option which would allow him to lease a furnished apartment for slightly more than he would pay for an apartment without a lease option. There are some lease options which allow a renter to choose whether or not they want to be locked into a long-term lease or a short-term lease. Long-term leases are usually better for students who plan to stay in a college town for the rest of their lives while short-term leases may be better for those who only plan to visit college or stay for a semester or two.

Apartment Finder: It is best to use a local real estate broker or apartment locator when looking for a new apartment complex. These individuals know the area and the most appealing apartments. They also have experience negotiating leases with both the landlord and the tenant. They can also walk around the complex with you if necessary to help you gather information about your new home. When using a broker or locator, always ask them for references so that you can contact these individuals and see if they have any positive or negative feedback from renters within the complex.

Finding an Apartment: The best way to go about finding a new ground floor apartment is to go online and do an apartment locator search. This search will narrow down your choices by bring down your search criteria to just the apartment that you wish to search for. Once you have decided on the type of apartment complex that you are looking for, go ahead and enter the name of the city, state and zip code that you are in. This will bring up the information about available apartments that are within your specified area. You will also be given a list of top floor apartments, meaning the ones that are on the top floor of the building.

Get Cheaper Rent: Sometimes all it takes to get cheaper rent is to negotiate with the landlord. Ask the landlord if there are any special deals or incentives for students that they are providing. Often times landlords will offer lower rent prices to students because they understand that they are taking a risk with someone who is just entering the complex. Also ask if there are other lower level apartments that are available that they are not advertising to retain a higher rent rate from potential tenants.

As you can see searching online for the best places to find affordable places to stay can be a great alternative to hiring a real estate agent. Not only will you get an instant price quote, but you can view photos of the property, view floor plans and learn more about the amenities and features that each unit has. Finding the best places to stay in Chicago during the winter months doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg; however, if you take the time to explore the internet you will soon find a number of properties that will be ideal for your lifestyle.


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